Singapore is ranked as the #1 education system* in the world.

We equip you to educate your learners according to Singaporean standards.

"Why", Not Only "How"

It’s time we stop just focusing on the “how” when it comes to children’s education—getting them to fully understand the “why” behind every Math problem, Science concept, and reading material is actually key to helping them make it to the top. We’re here to help you do just that, as we’ve curated the best educational materials anchored on top-level Singapore learning standards, which puts emphasis on conceptual learning for deeper mastery of subjects.

Who We Are

Singapore Learning Systems is a printing and distribution company that specializes in bringing to Asia the best books, online learning curricula & technologies, and printed materials for flexible learning founded on the top education systems in the world. It is the exclusive Philippine distributor of StarPub, a 17-year heritage brand which produces best-selling materials approved by national education departments in various countries. These encompass English, geography, home economics, mathematics, music, and science, created by StarPub’s team of qualified academic professionals, educators, and editors who work with curriculum planning departments both in Singapore and beyond to develop curricular materials in line with the latest teaching pedagogies and 21st century competencies. Singapore Learning Systems also offers online intelligent intervention and adaptive learning tools that aid teachers and administrators in identifying the learning gaps of students and help them design learning activities that will address the specific needs of students. 

Our Clients

Our reach cuts across educational platforms, from traditional schools to homeschool providers.

Our Products

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